Tuesday, October 6, 2009

David Morgan on CNBC-- Should you sell?‏

David Morgan was interviewed on CNBC today, for those of you that haven't seen the clip yet, here is a statement that David sent out today to clarify some matters that were seen on CNBC today. The video will be uploaded as soon as it becomes available.

"Well it finally happened your publisher was on CNBC with Mark Hanes this morning. I must admit it was a bit nerve wracking since my television appearances are limited to perhaps five or six times. My understanding before checking into the studio was Mark and I would discuss the gold price from present through the first quarter of 2010. After the mike was attached and the ear piece inserted I quickly learned there were four "personalities" on the show and Mark was very good at spinning my answer about the current gold price to strongly indicate gold was not performing well. This of course was his take (not mine) and he went on to other commentators.

I sat there and decided that Mark Hanes had made the perfect case that gold was still undervalued and finally saw no way to get my final thoughts in without interrupting someone which is what I did. I am not sure my final thoughts that gold is going far higher got into the viewing audience or not. For those that have not been on live TV it is a little tougher than it looks, and these hosts are very good at taking your statements to a direction you might not have intended. Regardless, I did my best to impart the idea that the precious metals are vitally important and are going far higher.

I did get some feedback already.."