Thursday, November 12, 2009

Is HSBC evicting your gold or silver?

A post was made today on , the following was said;

"A reporter for a national newspaper is working with GATA's longtime friend David Morgan of and The Morgan Report on a story about HSBC's recent decision to close its retail gold and silver storage accounts at its Comex-approved warehouse in New York. The reporter is interested in speaking with HSBC clients who have received such notice from the bank. With a little help from such clients, this could be a very interesting story, published by a reputable news organization and good for the cause of the precious metals.

If you have received such a letter from HSBC, are being required to move your gold or silver out of the bank's warehouse in New York, and would be willing to speak with a newspaper reporter about it, please contact the public relations man who is representing Morgan in this:

Michael Sias, Principal
Firm Nineteen Media Relations
Telephone: 954-592-0237

David Morgan is the founder and creator of the Morgan Report, and often quoted as the most influential and knowledgeable person in the Silver Investment community. He is interviewed worldwide for his knowledge.