Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gold has yet to reach new parabolic heights in 'grand super-cycle'

Tracy Weslosky CEO of Pro-edge Consultants Inc. discusses the future of gold, silver and fiat currency with David Morgan of A well-known industry expert David answers the question: Do you think we are in a gold bubble right now?

"Well, as I said when silver was doing the same thing. Silver went parabolic. Gold went parabolic. I could state it this way. We could be in what we classify as a mini-bubble. But this is a precursor to one that's going to be so huge, so gigantic, so off the charts -- I mean that literally...that it's going to go down in the financial record books bar none. We are in a grand super-cycle. And when this takes place -- and now this only happens, like in every 500 years or are going to see gold into the paper prices that you and I wouldn't believe right now. And so, is this like a bubble? Yeah, you might say this is like a warm-up...but this is nothing to what's going to take place."