Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Some Miners Go to Pot

Some "Miners" from Vancouver have gone to pot, literally. David Morgan and Ellis Martin discuss what happens to a 'mining' company when it's got nothing...and then the market collapses. What to do with the shell this time?!?! Some of the same cast of characters that have been around in Vancouver for almost 20 years are experts at removing investors from their cash. Did Mr. Morgan call them psychopaths or sociopaths? Perhaps. Some of us predicted, including both Mr. Morgan and Mr. Martin that the low-end smoke and mirror mining companies would remake themselves when the sector began to fail. They'd take their public shells and remake them into a new flavor to promote. We just didn't think it would be the green herb. IE: marijuana, Cannabis, Mary Jane, weed, ganja, smoke. Yes, you've heard about marijuana stocks and now you'll hear about an aspect of the sector that maybe you should consider before investing in them. Buyer beware. Old players wearing new hats.

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