Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Supersonic Yellen Will Print More Money

The big adage with Ben Bernanke was “Helicopter Ben”, and he caught that moniker quite early after becoming Fed Chairman. The idea being that he stated that if need be he would drop money from helicopters.

Well, having somewhat of an aircraft background earlier in my adult life, I was quite familiar with supersonic aircraft. So, the idea was that if Bernanke was willing to drop money from helicopters, and helicopters are much slower paced than a supersonic aircraft. So the idea was that if you think Bernanke was willing to drop a lot of funny money around, just wait. Yellen is ready to do that at a much higher rate.

That may be counterintuitive to this idea that keeps getting put forth about tapering. But, nonetheless we’re going to write quite a bit about Janet Yellen, her background, and what her belief system is in the January issue of The Morgan Report. We’ll go more in depth on that topic.

- Source, Sprott Money: