Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Fundamentals for Gold and Silver Have NEVER Been Better

The reality is, look, silver is volatile. Silver is much more volatile than gold. And, I think the correct approach to any market is to understand that market. I feel I have a pretty good feel for the silver market, and I’m sure several would agree and probably some that would disagree.

Regardless, I said look, the best way to do well in this market is, and this is from my personal take, to know ahead of time what’s going to take place and never miss a trade. That’s impossible. That’s not realistic. Is to look at when it’s overvalued and that type of thing to sell a portion of it and hedge your bets kind of thing.

So, that’s the approach that I’ve taken all the way through this market. The only regret I might say is when I did get out at the top in the end of April 2011 I didn’t keep rolling that over again and again and again as I probably could have. But, what’s done is done. Reality is fundamentally it’s actually never been better to get into the gold and silver market as it is right now.

- Source, Sprott Money: